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Wubbanub Pacifiers

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A review of the popular Wubbanub Pacifier collection.

The Wubbanub Pacifier

The Wubbanub Pacifier is an adorable plush toy with a hospital grade silicone pacifier attached. The Wubbanub easily positions to your baby, giving them something to cuddle as well as something to soothe. The Wubbanub Pacifier’s vibrant colors are stimulating and captivating to your baby, keeping them fully entertained, even when they're not sucking on the Wubbanub Pacifier. The Wubbanub comes in the following designs: Wubbanub Red Dog Pacifier, Wubbanub Green Frog Pacifier, Wubbanub Yellow Duck Pacifier, Wubbanub Black Kitten Pacifier, Wubbanub Blue Horse Pacifier, Wubbanub Pink Horse Pacifier, Wubbanub Penguin Pacifier, and the Wubbanub Brown Puppy Pacifier. Wubbanub has also come out with a Wubbanub Pacifier Pouch as well as a line of Wubbanub blankets.

Wubbanub Plush Infant Pacifier

The Wubbanub Pacifier Soft plush brings soothing comfort and security.
The Wubbanub Pacifier - Vibrant colors are stimulating and captivating.
The Wubbanub Pacifier - is also an asset helping in the development of hand-eye co-ordination.
The Wubbanub Pacifier - is for Birth (Full Term) to 6 Months.
The Wubbanub Pacifier - is a Latex Free Medical Grade Silicone Pacifier.
The Wubbanub Pacifier - is a Soft Comforting and Soothing Plush Toy.
The Wubbanub Pacifier - Stays Close to Baby.
The Wubbanub Pacifier - has No Pacifier Cords or Clips.

The Wubbanub Plush Infant Pacifier now comes in the following designs:

Wubbanub Infant Brown Puppy Pacifier
Wubbanub Infant Red Dog Pacifier
Wubbanub Infant Green Frog Pacifier
Wubbanub Infant Blue Horse Pacifier
Wubbanub Infant Pink Horse Pacifier
Wubbanub Infant Yellow Duck Pacifier

The Wubbanub Plush Infant Pacifier now comes with the following accessories:

Wubbanub PaciPouch Infant Soothie Pacifier Pouch
WubbaNub Wubbie Dog Blanket w/ Attached Plush Red Dog
WubbaNub Wubbie Duck Blanket w/ Attached Plush Duck

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Wubbanub Infant Plush Pacifier Reviews:

Love It! Wubbanub Infant Plush Pacifier
By: Dean Lopez, Miami, FL 08/22/08

I bought the Wubbanub for my 4 week old son because he could not keep his paci in at night. The Wubbanub would still fall out if he didn't suck constantly but it was much better than before. It is lightweight but I think the reason is so it will fall out if he spits up. Now at 7 weeks it stays in his mouth better and he wraps his hands around it; so cute. This is definitely a great solution for anyone tempted to prop the pacifier. I bought 1 for my in utero niece.

The best pacifier ever!
By: Heather Walker, Hamilton, OH 01/30/08

My son was given his froggy in the NICU where he stayed for 9 days after birth because he was 3 wks early and having feeding issues. The froggy kept him company at night when we weren't there and it stayed in his mouth easier because he could hold it and has become his best friend. He is 9 months old now and he still loves his froggy and hugs it and strokes it when he is sleepy and keeps him company in his bed at night. I recommend this to any mom. To the mom who thinks it is gross: I wash mine in hot water in the gentle cycle of the washer and I haven't had any problems. I have the doggy as a back up but the froggy is his favorite. I highly recommend!

A soother and a toy in one! Wubbanub Infant Plush Pacifier
By: Kristen Castillo, Pittsburth, PA 08/13/08

At first, the duck helped keep the pacifier in our son's mouth, but as he got older, it provided hours of entertainment as well. Also, he does not lose it in his crib.

Best soothie pacifiers out there! Wubbanub Infant Plush Pacifier
By: Jason Shaw, Hendersonville, TN 10/20/08

These are an amazing invention! My daughter was always dropping her soothie pacifier. These little animals are sewn onto the pacifier so they are easy to hold onto. Plus she loves holding the animal as well. They are soft and good quality. I would recommend these to anyone with a baby or newborn!

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